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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   31st May 2008, 4:36 pm

1. No Spam - Spam is defined as blatant self-promotion, or sometimes simply mindless posting. It is best phrased as "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages." It can also be seen as advertising for a major website in order to get profits from said website. Multiple posts of the same subject to clutter the forum, posts with no relevance to any subjects dealt with on the forum, or posts devoted purely to promoting one's own work will be deleted, and the user will be given a Warning or a Ban, depending on the severity of the offence.

2. No Unfit Material for Minors - Many of our users are under 18 years of age and we therefore strictly forbid any material such as pornography and erotic writing. Any user posting such things will be Banned.

3. No Flaming - Flaming is defined as personal attacks or insults on another person regarding the persons religion/views/knowledge etc. Though we encourage healthy discussion and debate, a certain point comes in which an insult turns personal, and this is strongly discouraged via both public forums and the messenger. Reports of such abuse will usually result in a warning; multiple abuses will result in a Ban. Also if you insult a mod/admin its an instant ban, it doesn't matter if you think they are qualified or not.

4. No Warez - Posting up and asking for illegal warez is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: ROMs, isos, and game cracks. Violation of this Rule will usually result anywhere from a Warning to a Ban, depending on the offence.

5. No Insubordination - Insubordination is simply not listening to the ruling of a Mod or Admin. Disregarded what we tell you to do is against the rules and will usually result in a Ban.

6. No Mod/Admin Begging - Mods and Admins are happy to promote fit users to a position of authority if they display the proper attitude, responsibility, discipline, and maturity. One way to show the exact opposite of all of these qualities is to ask for a position of authority. If you're fit for the position, we will find you, not vice-versa. Violation of this will result in a Warning; repeated offences may result in a Ban.

7. No E-Mail Abuse - It is unacceptable to use the e-mail of users found here on the forum to sign them up for junk e-mail, send them threats, etc. If you do this, you will be Banned and you will probably have your ISP Contacted.

8. No Double Posting - 'Double Posting' = posting once and then again - once directly after the other, leaving no space for another user to reply in between your posts. If you need to add any information to your previous post, use the "edit" button at the top-right corner of your post. This prevents the page from becoming unnecessarily cluttered, and it takes the same amount of time as making a completely new post right below your previous one. If a double post is spotted, the post will just be removed without question.

9. Do not Impersonate Mods/Admin - Includes acting like a Mod and/or pretending to be a mod e.g. sending PM's to members saying they will be banned or promoting new forum policy without Admin/Staff consent.

10. Posting Rules- Ok, so when your going to post, please to make sure the site looks nice and neat, do not post in CAPS, no "1337" speak (typing a whole sentence in "1337" in a post. shoutbox is fine.)

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Forum Rules
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