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 Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day

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PostSubject: Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day   17th May 2008, 10:08 am

Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day
+ Posted by James Stevenson // Community Relations Manager, Insomniac Games
Hey everyone,
Greetings from E3 Judges Day! We’re here at the Roosevelt Hotel right in the center of Hollywood showing the press the biggest PlayStation titles for the year. I’ve had a chance to hang out and play some Killzone 2, Pixeljunk Eden, SOCOM: Confrontation, Little Big Planet and even Buzz PS3, so there are plenty of games for the press to check out. Now, of course, I’m here with Insomniac President and R2 Creative Director Ted Price as well as Assistant Creative Director Colin Munson. We’re talking to key journalists about Resistance 2, plus demoing our new 60-player multiplayer mode called Skirmish. This is the first opportunity for the press to get their hands on the game in the US, and we’re really excited to show off the multiplayer. We think we’re taking one of the best parts of Resistance: FOM to an entirely new level.

Our philosophy for Resistance 2 multiplayer is “Massive Battles, More Intimacy.” We’re accomplishing this by focusing the 60-player games into battles within battles. This basically means that you should constantly feel like you’re playing an important role in a larger war…every single game. Tying into that are what we’re calling rival squads as well as a rewards system that recognizes just about everything positive you can do in-game. It’s addictive. If you want to hear more about this new mode, you should check the latest episode of our podcast, The Full Moon Show. We talk about all the fun we’ve been having playtesting it over the past few weeks. You can download it at http://www.insomniacgames.com/podcast/podcast.php.

The multiplayer level we are demoing is set in Scotia, California, which is in the Redwood Forest. One thing we’re really excited about with Resistance 2 is the diversity of the environments across the United States, and we’re definitely taking advantage of it. To prove my point, we’re giving you a glimpse of a few screenshots of one of our single-player levels, Chicago. You’ll see one of our new enemies in these screens, the Grim, as well as some of the advances we’ve made graphically with our lighting technology. We’ll be blowing this level out in the August issue of Gamepro magazine and Resistance fans, you can’t miss it.

Speaking of screenshots, we know from listening to our fans that you always want more. But have you ever wondered exactly what goes into a screenshot?
They aren’t as easy to take as you might think when the game is in the middle of development. My fellow Community Manager Bryan Intihar just got his first experience of the pain it can be at times, to check out his blog on the matter, click here
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day   17th May 2008, 10:53 am

Wow , nice.
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Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day
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